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Complete solution for freelancers to manage translation business

Your website, translation management system, self-service portal for your customers


rulingo.freelancer helps increase your revenue and save time

Get more translation jobs done, more delighted customers. Leverage your translation business to professional level.


Cloud and Backups

Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device. Everyday backup of your data and files.



Access via secure https protocol, data encryption.


Automatic Price Calculation

Price for new translation orders are calculated automatically.


Complete Order Workflow

Customers place orders, you estimate and get them done, customers enjoy the result.



You communicate with customers directly on Rulingo. No message is lost. Time saved.


Personal Website

Rulingo helps you create and host your professional website in no time, no specific knowledge required.



All financial transactions and invoices are tracked. Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves.



Customers place and track orders in the customer portal. Customers let you save 50% of your time on routine job.

Customer Testimonials

Freelance language service providers increase their efficiency with rulingo.freelancer

I was looking for a cloud based system to keep my translation jobs and financials in one place, and not depend on any desktop solution - have had enough hassle in the past. Rulingo does what I need at very reasonable price. New features are coming often at the same price, and I don't need to do anything - just read newsletter or experience them live.
Translation jobs and customers being taken care of is the key to success for me as a professional translator. I tried different platforms to manage my translation jobs, and I found Rulingo simple to use and functional at the same time. It saves me a lot of time on a daily basis, I must admit that I can focus on translations more and know that all my orders are safe with Rulingo.

Pricing plans and features

Rulingo is 100% free for Freelancers with full feature set. Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it completely FREE?

Yes. You can create a portal to manage your translation business as a Freelance language service provider for free. Fully-functional account is active without any time limitation, and provides full feature set.

What if I grow my business from freelancer to a group of people?

We made it simple at Rulingo. We created our solution to help you grow. Once you feel you need more colleagues to do translations - just upgrade to Agency - a special plan that has a role of a manager and multiple vendors.

How do I pay for Rulingo?

While you are using Freelancer - you don't need to pay, it's completely free. In case you upgrade to the Agency - then you can pay via PayPal and wire transfer, and more payment options will be coming soon.

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